The Komodo WebDEX a competion for Major DEXs| anticipated Outset June 2022

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When will WebDEX alpha v0.1 be released?

Nothing truly novel is built in a day. Atomic swaps have gone through various iterations in the past with InstaDEX, BarterDEX, and now AtomicDEX. All of these iterations have vastly improved atomic swap tech but are still less accessible to the end-user compared to web-based DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

We should consider WebDEX as an entirely new product – one that levels the playing field for us to compete with the major DEXs. But even then, it will take time and consistency to build a sustainable user base. The Komodo team is getting reading and preparing for this day.

That all being said, we look forward to our first closed group alpha release at the beginning of June. The main goal of the release will be to get feedback and find bugs with the help of our community.

Why is WebDEX exciting?

  • Simple for anyone to use from a web browser, doesn’t require downloading or installing an application
  • Compatible with any device (mobile, desktop, tablet, and even IoT devices)
  • Lots of new features are planned (hardware wallet support, HD wallet support, researching MetaMask integration, and more)
  • Researching how to implement a swap routing protocol that uses other DeFi protocols to make atomic swaps cheaper

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